Do Facebook ads work? It’s one of the common questions that pop into your mind when considering a strategy in promoting brand awareness.

Probably, you’re thinking of ways to promote your local product. Yet, you’re doubtful if it will help your small business. Although it seems informal, social media is a powerful tool to spread the news to different users. Through social media, many businesses prosper.

In this article, we’ll focus on the most popular social media platform – Facebook. We’ll discuss the reasons why you must use Facebook ads for your local business. You’ll also learn the ways to grow and advertise your local business through Facebook.


Local businesses usually have a small budget for advertising and marketing. However, these are essential elements in growing a business. It helps you reach your audience and promote brand awareness. Yet, let’s face the fact. These business aspects are costly especially if you let a professional handle it for you.

Because of budget concern, using a social media platform like Facebook, the problem is solved. Through Facebook, you don’t need to spend too much money just to reach your audience. You only pay based on the current budget you have. The social media platform has flexible terms so you don’t need to splurge for advertising and marketing.


You can reach the right audience based on your location. You’re given different options including the following:

  • Everyone in this location
  • People recently in this location
  • People traveling in this location

These options are helpful because it also matches the market’s buying behavior.


Even if you’re running your business for years, you understand that it’s a painstaking task to advertise your business without the help of a professional. Through Facebook ads, the burdens in promoting your business lessen. The social media campaign helps you find the right people who will buy your product.
If you’re using Facebook, you’ll notice that there’s an area where you’ll find the term “sponsored” in the ad part of the platform. Every user has a different sponsored ad because it depends on the profile of the user. The user who loves to shop for dresses can see the ads about dresses. But if the user does not enjoy dresses, the ad is not visible.


The boost campaign post feature is necessary if you think that you’re not reaching enough of your audience. When you use this feature, you’ll receive the following benefits:

Maintain your visibility to people who have interest in your page

Increase the engagement to your audience through event notification, product updates and industry information

If you have a special discount offer and you want to reach a large number of audiences, the boost post campaign is the solution.


Facebook helps businesses in brand promotion at a low cost. It features a Pages Manager app so you can easily boost your post from your mobile device. It also provides you information about consumer behavior.

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